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Ajayi Crowther University Postgraduate School

Ajayi Crowther University Postgraduate School (PGS) is one of the latest addition to the academic units of the University, and we desire to be the best, not only in Nigeria, but in the world. Our philosophy is based on the imperativeness of developing and improving the individual so that he/she my be of maximum value to his/her immediate community, the nation, and to the world at large.

ACU Postgraduate School aims at capacity building through robust academic programmes at the Master’s level, in the immediate and up to the PhD in the nearest future. our curricula in the various disciplines are developed around the individual and the societal needs, and the aim is to develop graduates students who are sufficiently equipped with necessary capacities to solve individual and societal challenges.

Our vision is hinged on the belief that to produce a sound and refined mind, the environment must complement the curriculum. This is one of our high points at ACU. The serene environment at day and night are complements of the multicultural and multilithic composition of staff and students, as well as the aesthetic patterning of infrastructures on our campus.

The PGS is taking off at a time when ACU’s faith in God is daily manifesting in boundless volume. We therefore resolve to give the best functional curricula to the best students from diverse backgrounds, in the best environment with the fear of God. As a private university, here our calendar is regular and stable, and our utilities are functioning, postgraduate students, here, are expected to spend minimum acceptable time to complete their programmes at a cost that is affordable by individuals and corporate bodies, in Nigeria and elsewhere.

To give an international slant to our PGS programme, students from Africa, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere are encouraged to study here, while academics from other climes outside Nigeria shall be engaged to truly universalize scholarship, in line with the spirit of university culture and system globally.